5 Things to Avoid in Your Personal Interview

Whilst preparing for their interviews, the candidates more often emphasize the interview techniques and imitating their acts in possible conditions. But, things can change without an alarm in real encounters. Here are a few tips to help you for not to be hasty and go along smoothly. We present THE THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T DO so as to resurrect your never thriving success!

1. Try not to be dominant –
Every conversation comes up with a leader. Constant switching of leadership is required for a moving conversation. That’s why never being too dominant is a plus for you! If you domineer with the interviewee, then it will make them wonder your behaviour after joining their firm.

Team approach and long term collaboration are the most desirable trait of an employee, thus, you must always present in the same way without leading conversations as a whole but also giving clearance to the person sitting next.

2. Staring at the watch/clock –
Would you like if someone stares at his wrist watch while talking with you? Surely not! Same applies to the employer. Don’t watch your clock, be fully attentive and leave a strong imprint of your personality whenever get interviewed. It shows your seriousness for the job.

3. Never be unprepared –
Anybody will look stupid if he does not know about the company and the post he is going for. Make sure you prepare yourself by doing homework and research about the company so what it deals in and where it is heading towards.

It is also necessary to know your role and the people you are getting interviewed from.

4. Expressing irrelevant judgments –
In your interview always be prepared to expect the things you do not know in advance. You should not go for something that is totally irrelevant as it could prove to be counterproductive as well as a waste of time.

Sometimes you may not realize where you are going with your words. You may not be aware of that due to fluency and excitement about the topic. Everyone wants you to be precise and to the point. Make sure you are alert of this problem and curb your desires!

Some people flow with the stream of their thoughts and get distracted from the topic they have strong views about or find interesting. Till it is concerned with your job, never disclose anything unrelated or go like that.

5. Not responding or paying attention to the questions –
Try to be attentive all time during your interview. If you do not listen to the questions or respond to them in a manner as expected, then it leaves a loose imprint of your mental stability. Always be ready to answer the thing you know but keeping in mind the intensity of the matter. If you do not know the answer, it is no harm in telling this straight to the interviewer. They will even get impressed with this trait of submission!