Anxiety and Depression – Cope Up While Navigating Job Search

Extended job search and the navigation through unemployment is the harshest time for any individual, whether he is a Martian! Anybody could wear down due to the frustration and stressful moments at this point of time. This catch-22 situation is a lot depressing and affects your job-search – due to sleepless nights, lacklustre motivation, detrimental skills of interviewing and a rampant attitude for anything. Mental stability and inner health are the two prominent issues people facing unemployment usually suffer with. Staying healthy from mind and body is important at any point of time because you have not achieved your destination yet and has to accomplish your goals with sound health, positive attitude and stability in personality.

Prolonged job searches are tiring like hell. There originates different circumstances at mental, financial and social forefront. In this high-time, most mental-health specialists and survivors of job hunt recommend some practices to nurture your brain and body. Here is what we encapsulate their reflections:

Exercise daily to beat lethargy: regular exercise is the wholesome cure to your emotional and mental being. Keep your body and brain in tune with some light exercise, we know it is really hard to go out and get social, but you have to do this for your own betterment. This indirectly helps you to reimburse your confidence and let go your lethargy.

Maintain your time and activities – Management of your time productively as well, keeping in touch with your job field and its requirement is also equally necessary. It is seen that job searchers often spend their time at nights while surfing over the internet. It is the most crucial time and that’s why you should limit your night research and be coherent with your schedule for sound sleep and re-energizing yourself.

Stay away from things potential to dull your edge – depression and anxiety are most critical components of mental turmoil. It is seen that people are attracted towards alcohol for momentary relief. At the end of your hangover, you are again at the same edge! So, it is better not to indulge in these things.

Try to involve socially – It is a hard time to maintain conversations with people. But, take your stand, don’t be lonely! Engage with people both in your professional circle and personal touch. If all your contacts are related to your job, then you should look for other recreational or volunteer campaigns.

Value yourself – you are precious! Always value yourself and reach out to others during this time to feel this way.

Limit your television and internet devotion – your devotion for TV and internet might hinder your personality to grow. Remember, passively sitting on the couch and consumption of bad news is always detrimental in nature.

Seek for the free community services – experts say in your spare time anything from a public library to the recreational services are a must a-do. You will realize a safety-parameter in these institutions as well nurture yourself at many fronts.

At this high up, you might not be able cover all these things. But, try to be in touch with your resume and articulate with activities and skills in your resume to be a professional at-will employment.