Still Unemployed? Things You Can Try Until Getting a Suitable Job!

Many people apply for non-suitable jobs. You might be aware of the fact that applying for the job not matching your qualifications is counterproductive to your job search to a greater extent as compared with not applying. All know the competition is fierce for every trade. In present downtime, qualified candidates are barren of getting call-backs. If you are inadvertently applying for “any” job you see, then stop doing this immediately. Allocate adequate time every week to increase your capabilities for becoming more hireable. Here is how you can do this: Continue reading “Still Unemployed? Things You Can Try Until Getting a Suitable Job!”

Anxiety and Depression – Cope Up While Navigating Job Search

Extended job search and the navigation through unemployment is the harshest time for any individual, whether he is a Martian! Anybody could wear down due to the frustration and stressful moments at this point of time. This catch-22 situation is a lot depressing and affects your job-search – due to sleepless nights, lacklustre motivation, detrimental skills of interviewing and a rampant attitude for anything. Mental stability and inner health are the two prominent issues people facing unemployment usually suffer with. Staying healthy from mind and body is important at any point of time because you have not achieved your destination yet and has to accomplish your goals with sound health, positive attitude and stability in personality. Continue reading “Anxiety and Depression – Cope Up While Navigating Job Search”

Writing your resume – Some Quick Tips (Part III)

Here we are with another part of this series – “Writing your resume – Some Quick Tips” to tell you what you should do to weigh up your resume if you do not have relevant experience, skills or other things required for a specific job requirement. Usually fresher face this problem. They are devoid of much needed industrial exposure and practical teaching. To stand out of the crowed, you must have something different; this should also be cleverly resembled in your resume as well. Continue reading “Writing your resume – Some Quick Tips (Part III)”

How to Market the Brand Called “YOU” on LinkedIn

For almost a decade, LinkedIn has been the first choice for professionals to increase their network and share their professional and personal self with people alike. Over 300 million users from 200 plus countries across the world and probably you are amongst them. It is without doubt a large crowd. To get noticed and been appropriately matched for what you have achieved in your career span, you have to stand out of this crowd first. To catch the fancy of recruiters and potential employers so as to get firm career upgrade one should have stronger LinkedIn branding and professional self. Continue reading “How to Market the Brand Called “YOU” on LinkedIn”

Personal Brand Establishment – An Imperative Way to Get Searched

In the world of internet and technology, it is not right to perceive that personal branding id the territory of entrepreneurs only. It is equally important to be present online with good branding for an individual so as for the entrepreneurs. Today, personal branding is a synonym for enhancing your career prospects. This concept is not new to the world, but restricted for many years to the self based companies, professionals only. Advancements in the field of computers with increasing reach of internet to the masses have made personal branding a must do practice to get better job offers. Continue reading “Personal Brand Establishment – An Imperative Way to Get Searched”

Fastest Growing Job Fields

India is quickly gaining attention worldwide for its rapidly growing job market, one that has been able to monitor and present to you with ease. The development has been exponential and nothing to scoff at, as the private sector grows and grows and has been allowing for a developing middle class and consumer base for many new businesses and opportunities. When job hunting, it is obvious that your best chance for being hired lies within an industry that is rapidly growing – after all, a stagnant industry is not going to have any new jobs, so why waste your time? There might be one or two openings, but nothing substantial. Continue reading “Fastest Growing Job Fields”