How to Keep in Touch with Unadvertised Jobs

The job marketplace is full of opportunities. Sometimes you come to know about jobs through advertisements, recruitment broadcasts, company’s, or other employment websites and so on. But what about the jobs that go unadvertised and hidden? Let’s find out how you can be in touch with such jobs in an easier way.

You can access some of these opportunities by connecting to an insider who is awake of an opening or any sort of requirement prior to the announcement of the job. Such circumstances in company arise due to absence leave, unexpected retirement or promotion, , employee resignation due to switch over, new units and services, expansion of territory and reorganization internally.

Only a network of linked contacts can provide leads in these cases. There are instances that the existing positions are included in hidden posts or they are created for the best fit at the right time.

Who can be your linked contacts as an insider?
The employees you know in the companies you believe have hidden or unadvertised posts who also involved in the planning, openings and employee needs. These individuals as linked contact could be employees (former or current), vendors, distributors, customers, competitors, other persons with insider connections.

The present era is the game of networking. The advent as well as the popularity of social media and networking sites, corporate blogs, career portals and alumni groups provide ample chances of creating contacts within or outside the firm you are interested in. These all are organized sources to get information about such opportunities. Relevant news is passed through contacts. Unofficial recruiting, which is endorsed and recommended, fuels quickly in any organization.

Unofficial recruitments
Talent sourcing has long been relied by the employers and their networks for securing best talents especially at upper designations. Currently, recruitment is not a playground of HR departments, advertisers and hiring managers. The broad use of networking is regarded as easier, cheaper and effective medium of recruitment.

Take your actions
It is a proven fact that more than a half of the jobs in a firm are never advertised. If your on-site job efforts are not fruitful, then it is the time you spend on identification of unadvertised and hidden jobs.

Fresher candidates looking for novice career opportunities face new challenges today: only the thing which matters is who knows what you know, regardless of what you know and who you know!

Enough said! It is time to introduce you with the steps to better outreach to the linked contacts and grabbing hidden opportunities:

  • Research and make a list of target employees – research is a must for the prospective companies which are sometimes forgotten due to lack of information.
  • Show pro-activeness! Start contacting the persons with authority to hire – Contact building through mutual relations from inside connections, current workforce or former one, colleagues of hiring managers etc. should be actively done. Cold calling is the appropriate way, if you have neither of the above said!
  • Enhance your skills to become an attention seeker to employers – The better are your talent and skills, the more attention you can grab from the employers. If there is no vacancy at the current time, if there becomes any in the future, you could get a call.
  • Politely and persistently ping the recruiters on a regular basis – only getting names to contact without been generously calling them is all vain. Always try to make contacts with the persons you know on a regular basis. Long span caller is often irritating!

Networking could grow only if there is mutual conversation, not mere one time verbalism. You must emphasis on promoting yourself in a keen and sleek manner to anyone. Beneficial relationships come out only if there is growth on both doors!

Hope you know how to extract a mole out of the mountain, hidden job posts that are never advertised in mass. If you need some assistance or want to suggest some other means, message us or comment below.