How to Market the Brand Called “YOU” on LinkedIn

For almost a decade, LinkedIn has been the first choice for professionals to increase their network and share their professional and personal self with people alike. Over 300 million users from 200 plus countries across the world and probably you are amongst them. It is without doubt a large crowd. To get noticed and been appropriately matched for what you have achieved in your career span, you have to stand out of this crowd first. To catch the fancy of recruiters and potential employers so as to get firm career upgrade one should have stronger LinkedIn branding and professional self.

Personal branding is necessary in this competitive environment as it is the medium of differentiating yourself from many individuals and entrepreneurs as well as standing out of the crowd by defining the professional and personal values and presenting them in a worthwhile manner at various platforms and get recognition as an expert in your concerned field. This helps to establish one’s reputation, credibility, boost up the career and self-confidence.

To differentiate from others, you need to brand yourself on opportunistic platforms like LinkedIn. Here are some tips to market the brand called “you” on LinkedIn:

Decide what aspect of “yourself” to focus on?
LinkedIn headline is the most effective place to ploy your career targets. It should contain certain well prepared target keywords including your job title, associated industry, your preferred job place, skills and accolades. As the headline is restricted to 120 characters, you need to craft it in brief.

Headline Example “(characters = 117): Senior Design Engineer in ABC Pvt. Ltd. In Delhi | Mechanical Engineering and Power Sector | Open to India and abroad

This way you are able to emphasize over your skills, options for the job, current position etc. in brief.

Prove your value proposition
If you aim to market yourself, then it is imperative to prove that your abilities match up with the demand. This proof might include a small description of your achievements in a summary manner presented as Challenges faced, action implemented and outcome of these actions (invariably positive ones!). Rightly selected self portraying adjectives, awards, accolades, skills and other career credentials or your thought process for gaining lead should be included in that summary as well. Your degree, experience, certifications and capabilities need to be clearly, but precisely presented within.

Keywords specific profile building
You might have got an idea about how important the keywords are to build a pleasing LinkedIn profile. The headlines, profile summary, titles for positions, their descriptions in applauding manner, mentioning key skills are a good way to weigh your professional profile and get noticed easily. You can other customized sections whenever required to emphasize your achievements in a different manner too.

Testimonial requests to build your brand
The sophisticated axioms of LinkedIn identify the endorsements of your connections. These are automatically grabbed keywords whenever someone writes or mentions about you. These endorsements are great to increase your LinkedIn rank/positioning. The testimonials of your seniors, colleagues, managers matter the most in this stride.

Share, Care and Update for yourself and groups
Frequent sharing and updating of status as well as group updates are good to mention points for expressing your online presence and active participation with others connected. It is a good practice to update your profile, post status, share other’s status and expand your community at LinkedIn.

Regardless of standing out of the crowd, the thing which matters that you are noticed only for a right reason. Your previous job posts and your career record are the most prominent role players. So, enjoy your journey to this strained professional platform and establish yourself as a self marketer on LinkedIn.