SGI Pixel, a New York City-based rapid development lab, is seeking an expert iOS App developer for a full-time lead-developer position. As the sole iOS App Developer, you will collaborate with our product, design and engineering teams to create cutting-edge applications and improve existing ones. As you will be working on multiple diverse apps at one time, the ideal candidate should have a robust skill set that will allow for the creation of a variety of apps. All apps share, publish content to and interact with their respects web platforms via APIs.

For example, Apps currently being developed allow users to:

  • Stream audio directly from their mobile device
  • Share and manipulate photos within an instagram-style social network
  • Utilize in-app-purchases to unlock premium features
  • Sign-up for recurring subscriptions
  • Access custom keyboards within iMessage, Facebook Messenger and other popular messaging applications
  • Upload music and/or video to a social networking application
  • Sort content and/or users based on geo-location
  • Follow other users, bookmark content for offline access and create playlists or channels of content

Required Experience:

  • Demonstrated expert-level experience building native iOS applications, with the ideal portfolio including apps that have utilized geolocation services, IAPs, built-in camera, video/audio publishing, content sharing, and push notifications
  • Experience developing in Objective C / Swift
  • Experience working with APIs and web-integration of Apps
  • Excellent time and project management skills
  • Bonus points for direct experience building instagram-style apps (including photo-effects and filters), meme-generators, music-streaming platforms and iMessage apps

About SGI Pixel:
SGI Pixel (SGIP) is the “skunkworks” division of SGI Merchant Bank (SGIMB). The group formed organically as SGIMB began to develop in-house technology businesses. By applying the company’s decades of experience implementing creative strategies across a variety of industries to the mobile web, SGI Pixel seeks to integrate proven practices with innovative initiatives. Whether it’s a fun game to play on the train or a massively disruptive social platform, the Pixel Group’s approach to product development is governed by the mission to build businesses out of cool projects.