Still Unemployed? Things You Can Try Until Getting a Suitable Job!

Many people apply for non-suitable jobs. You might be aware of the fact that applying for the job not matching your qualifications is counterproductive to your job search to a greater extent as compared with not applying. All know the competition is fierce for every trade. In present downtime, qualified candidates are barren of getting call-backs. If you are inadvertently applying for “any” job you see, then stop doing this immediately. Allocate adequate time every week to increase your capabilities for becoming more hireable. Here is how you can do this:

Be prepared to volunteer a task
If you are strategic about volunteering, then it can raise your chances of getting hired. For example, if you are an unemployed teacher, contribution to after school programs and coach assistance is an add-on. If you are a web designer, search for a local organization (mostly non-profit) looking for a website revamp and willingly accept this task pro bono. The motive behind working at the concerned place in your job field is to be in touch with it and refresh your skills. This helps in enhancing your resume as well.

Keep yourself updated
If you are lacking some skill required in your job field, plan few hours daily to build that skill. There are countless online resources, free eBooks, video tutorials, DIY stuff. Even if you posses that particular skill, keep practicing it for proficiency. Hiring managers are really concerned with candidates with skill atrophy. Better you be prepared for written tests prior to employment.

Build strong network with people in your job field
Networking can be diversified in two major arts. One is to reconnect with your old contacts and another one is to create new. It depends on where you are at this stage in your professional; life. If you are a fresher, then contacting with college seniors, alumni and potential hirers is a good try. If you are an experienced but unemployed one, then contacting with old co-mates, HR managers, consultants, business partners etc.
Finding them through social networking, emailing, calling and sending connection or friend requests is equally needed. Ask them to do a favor to meet you. Try to know more about them all and let them know your position and inclination towards a particular job. Anyhow, follow up!

If you are at a dead end of your contacts though temporary, never lose hope. Participate in sponsored networking events at your university, school, college, institute, city or district. You can also try for non-conventional networking means like going out to the community meets, neighborhood chats, public gatherings, marriage parties and try to meet new people especially with the same interests and hobbies like yours.

Change your frame of mind towards freelancing
If a full-time job is what you actually mean a job is, then it is time to rethink. Change your way of thinking and indulge in freelancing. It is the best way to increase your skills and maintain your portfolio, resume along with some well to consider income and most importantly the confidence. You can search for job openings here

Apart from the things mentioned above, you should also plan a strategic online presence so that others looking for same talent could consider you as first choice.