Writing your resume – Some Quick Tips (Part I)

When you are looking for a job, then your resume is the sole companion. Here our effort is that you choose the right resume type according to the situation. This will certainly help you to create a tailor made resume as well as make it stand out of the crowd for obvious reasons.

What actually a resume is?
Many job seekers are confused about what actually a resume is. Remember: It is a self – promotional document which represents you in the best possible way with the ultimate purpose of getting invited for a job interview. Like many think, it is not an official personal document or a job application. It is neither a career obituary, nor a confessional. So never take it lightly and make hard efforts to instigate all that you are cleverly in it.

“Resume is of several types”

The factors governing the resume type are your work experience, the nature of the job you are interested in, your personal choices etc. You might find appropriate different resumes for different jobs. Here are the most popular types given:

1. Focus on your skills – Functional Resume
If you have no work experience, then this resume is a good way to highlight your skills and market yourself to the employer.

Instead of presenting vague work experiences or accolades, focus on your skills and highlighting them in a dynamic way like skills earned while associated with training firms, previous jobs, experiences, or any volunteering task.

This type of resume is a messiah when your employment or educational history has a considerable gap.

2. Focus on your experience – Chronological Resume
Most enthusiastic way to craft your resume is to focus on your work history. It is capable of showing the employers, at a glance, your work history, according to the job you have held previously. The details might include your job profiles, the places you were/are working, the duration of your services there, and when you break down your achievements and accountability.

Present things chronologically – starting from the most recent to the last information about yourself. This resume is a good fit when you want to showcase your skills as well as the way they evolved during industrial exposure.

3. Combine the two – skills and experience – Hybrid Resume
Combination resume, as they say, is the most effective resume type which plays a dual role in highlighting your skills and showcasing your experiences. You can represent those in the way – you developed those traits while working in corresponding arena.

Elements of a functional as well as chronological resume are included, chronologically emphasizing the skills and at the same time, including the dates, titles and other details of the previous jobs or trainings. Also try to include necessary information along with your job profile.

It is a remarkable sort of resume to use on every occasion giving weight to your skills equally essential as the manifestation of the way you get them into yourself.

Different resume types have different scenarios to implement them. If you are now aware of this fact, come later to get in touch with our next part and know how some outstanding resume are created and associated stuff.

Stay connected, we will be back soon with the next part!